Charity Donations

2021 Our first year

In November of 2021, we reached out to the trading card and collecting community of the United Kingdom and the response was just mind blowing!

After hearing about the idea of getting children in to the hobby, whilst also giving back, on  clubhouse chat, we thought that this would be a great idea to do in the UK. We reached out to Cash for Kids, who run a national campaign to provide less privileged  children with presents at Christmas time.

Following some discussions and with Lauren at their Leeds office, they said that we would be able to provide trading cards to the for distribution.

From this point the card community took over and donated loose cards, sealed products and tins and in total we donated more than 15,000 cards to Cash for Kids for distribution.

A massive thanks and well done has to go out to everyone who donated and made this possible. This is something that we will be continuing with throughout this year. So if you have anything you would like to donate, please send us a message via the contact page and we can send you the details.